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Investment Casting Excellence Award

October 21, 2014

Carley Foundry was honored at the recent Investment Casting Institute's annual casting competition.  We won the "Investment Casting Excellence" award in the industrial category for an assembly used in the energy sector.  The bidirectional anchor assembly utilizes 36 investment castings which are nearly all in their net "as cast" shape.  This drastically reduced the need for machining and post-casting operations to minimize cost and final production lead time.  It highlights the advantages and potential of a well-executed investment casting product.

On the heels of our American Foundry Society "Best in Class" award barely one year ago, this "win" strengthens our reputation as an exceptional foundry in the world-wide market.  Outstanding performances secure our future and lead us to new and exciting opportunities.  Congratulations to everyone at Carley Foundry for making world-class castings happen!




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