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New Permanent Mold Foundry in Our 3000 Building

August 17, 2016

Carley Foundry ever expands! In 2015, the decision was made to increase the Permanent Mold foundry capacity. The 3000 building recently underwent an expansion in order to house this new foundry. The first furnace pits were dug in February, 2016, and the Carley team began pouring castings just two months later in April.

This is a complete permanent mold foundry with pouring, knock-out, heat treat, straightening, and all quality control operations. The unique design enables lean manufacturing principals and a one-piece casting flow design. Castings move from one operator to the next, allowing for the reduction of material handling and increased output. Many of the castings poured at this site will have a lead-time of under seven days from pouring to final inspection.

This foundry is aptly named the 3000 Permanent Mold Foundry for its address, and full-key operation at this site is expected to be complete in October of this year.

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