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Prestigious Awards

May 22, 2019

At this year's American Foundry Society's CastExpo, Carley Foundry had the honor of receiving two prestigious awards.

Our VP of Engineering, Randy Oehrlein, received the Hall/Heroult Scientific Merit Award, which "recognizes scientific service that enhances the position of the aluminum foundry industry through contributions of original research, development of processes or materials, and providing significant engineering advances."

Additionally, President Jordan Carley received the Corporate Contribution Award on behalf of all of Carley Foundry for "exemplary contribution and service to AFS through leadership in the AFS technical committee structure, presentations at conferences, and support of AFS Institute courses." Also noted during the award presentation was CFI's leadership in the AFS Light Metals Division and our support of AFS research projects.

We are truly honored to have received these recognitions.

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